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Petra Lehman – Co-Owner, Lead Teacher Trainer, E-RYT-200

Petra found yoga in a quest to heal old dance injuries and to combat the emotional stress of working with abuse and assault victims. Petra was drawn to the combination of grace, strength, and energy that is power yoga. Petra focuses on alignment, balance, and challenging your mind.  She will lead you through a dynamic, vigorous, yet simple class, leaving every part of your body alive with energy. 

Petra is an 200-E-RYT Yoga Alliance instructor and an associate Yoga Life Coach, certified by Wild Abundant Life / Midwest Power Yoga, and trained in the LIVE LOVE TEACH® methodology with original co-founder, Deborah Williamson. She originally taught at Newport Power Yoga with Terry Munnelly, and is influenced in her own teaching by Renee Delauries and Phillip Urso of LIVE LOVE TEACH. Petra continues her training in alignment and physiology, and hopes to one day complete her 500 hour certification with LIVE LOVE TEACH®.

Petra's other credentials:
-Certified Children's Yoga Instructor (Karma Kids)
-Certified Hands-on Assistant (Wild Abundant Life)
-Barre Instructor
-Trauma Sensitive Yoga trained (Brookline Trauma Institute)


Brittany Proulx - RYT-200

Brittany began her yoga practice in high school with a friend for a new challenge. Yoga gave her the ability to tune out and focus on the present by reconnecting to her center. Brittany brings a challenging yet adaptable practice to her students. Each student leaves with a sense of empowerment and accomplishment. Brittany gives a unique light, caring, and fun class to her students. With the encouragement of Create Power Yoga owner, Petra, Brittany enhanced her practice and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training with the Create Power Yoga School in Fall 2015.

Caitlin Robert - RYT-200

Caitlin dabbled in yoga for several years before finding her home at Create Power Yoga. With help from her newfound studio, Caitlin fell in love with vinyasa and the peace, calm, and balance it has brought to her otherwise chaotic life.
Through physically demanding and mentally challenging classes, Caitlin strives to provide an engaging experience that leaves her students feeling awakened, rejuvenated, and strong. Caitlin focuses on sharing breath and energy with a supportive community.
In her spare time, Caitlin acts in local community theater, lives like every day is Halloween, and rescues as many street cats as she can.
Caitlin completed her 200-hour yoga certification with Petra Lehman-Brauer at the Create Power Yoga Teacher Training School.

Corey Thibodeau - RYT-200

After four years of collegiate field hockey, Corey needed something new.  She attend a Sunday morning yoga class at a local studio near her college campus and immediately knew she had found her new home on her mat.  

Corey practiced for over a year before completing her 200-hour teacher training with Raffa Yoga.  She sees yoga as a holistic, life-changing practice that encompasses spiritual and physical health.  She wants to spread to others the amazing experience she’s had with yoga, so that they may find the same health and happiness she’s discovered.

Ellary Gamache - RYT-200

Ellary Gamache has been practicing Yoga for nine years. Yoga has helped her achieve balance in her life as well as relief from chronic pain and anxiety. She whole heartedly believes that Yoga is for everyone and is a gift meant to be shared far and wide. She has taken her practice further by completing a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour teacher training program at Raffa Yoga in Cranston, Rhode Island. Her initial training was rooted in Baptiste & Iyengar style Yoga with a focus on Vinyasa. She has additional training from Kirpalu School in Restorative Yoga. She is passionate about teaching Restorative, Stretch, Gentle, and Slow Flow Vinyasa classes. Her classes focus on mediation, active relaxation, and breath awareness. Ellary’s goal is to share what Yoga has done in her life with anyone and everyone that has need of peace in their lives. Namaste.

Jessica Weber - RYT-200

Jess, a high school Spanish teacher, has wanted to share the harmonious benefits of yoga since she saw how much her life changed, both physically and mentally, with her own daily practice. As someone who uses fitness to create balance, she was hooked when she found the clarity and control a healthy practice can provide. In her classes, she hopes to create a comfortable environment for yogis to strengthen their body and mind, as they create light, energy and balance within. Jess completed her 200-Hour Yoga Certification with Petra Lehman-Brauer at the Create Power Yoga Teacher Training School.

Joel Dau - RYT-200

Joel came to his first yoga class as part of a friend's birthday gift. He found the practice to be challenging without being competitive. After two years of practice he wanted to explore a greater understanding of yoga to share with others. In training he found a focus on growth and improvement that should be shared with everyone, on and off the mat. His practices will challenge your inner warrior while remaining compassionate. Through focused breathing and powerful poses you will find a satisfying feeling that comes with a supportive community.

Joel is also a certified hands-on assistant.

Katherine Worth - RYT-200

Katherine was trained in 2016 at Create Power Yoga with Petra Lehman-Brauer (ERYT-200). She was trained in the live.love.teach style. Katherine’s love for yoga is rooted in its challenges, breath, flow, and strength. She began her journey by blindly wandered into a class, and her love for the practice has continued to grow ever since. Katherine is committed to giving her student’s a powerful and playful environment where they can feel safe and renewed. Katherine is inspired by the energy of others, which allows her to feel grounded, self-love, and stillness. Love, fun, and challenge are all words you can use to describe taking Katherine’s class. Katherine trained with Petra Lehman-Brauer at Create Power Yoga.

Kathleen Seagriff-Chapman - RYT-200

Kathleen Seagriff-Chapman first tried yoga out of sheer curiosity and likes to approach every class as a new adventure. Through her practice of yoga, Kathleen has learned to breathe through challenges, both on and off her mat. She tries to encourage yogis to find joy in their practice and she fully believes that if you're laughing, you're breathing. Kathleen has a degree in English and Theatre, a deep love of words, and an irrepressible passion for puns. After taking over 500 class at Create Power Yoga, Kathleen decided take her teacher training there. She is now a 200 RYT, certified in the Create Power Yoga
style with Petra Lehman-Brauer at the Create Power Yoga Teacher Training School.

Lynette Schenck - RYT-200

When Lynette first came to yoga as physical therapy for an injury, she quickly found more than physical healing. She also found emotional and spiritual release and knew this was something she wanted to share with the world. With a background in dance, Lynette is especially interested in movement and anatomy and the uniqueness of each student. Lynette strives to make students feel empowered through strengthening their minds and bodies. She challenges students to be introspective while remaining open to experiences. Lynette completed her 200-hour yoga certification with Petra Lehman-Brauer at the Create Power Yoga Teacher Training School.

Rebeccah Costa - RYT-200

Rebeccah discovered yoga as a psychology graduate student looking for space to quiet her mind and focus on herself. She fell in love with the calm, inner strength, confidence, and sense of community she found through her yoga practice. Rebeccah shares her love of yoga through teaching focused breathing and engaging flow. She strives to help her students find inner peace and comfort to explore themselves. Rebeccah seeks to have her students leave class feeling accomplished and more present in their world. Rebeccah was trained through The Create Power Yoga Teacher Training School with Petra Lehman-Brauer (ERYT-200).

Rachel Tondreault - RYT-200

Rachel is an actress and yogi who's passion for self-expression pulled her into the world of yoga. She was surprised and humble by the depth of what she found not only in her body, but in her heart and soul. The mindfulness she has gained through her daily practice has found it's way into every area of her life. Rachel's strong belief in a body-soul connection has led her to stand at the front of the room where she is able to share her love for connecting with others and helping others find connection to themselves. Rachel's classes will leave you feeling calm, refreshed and excited to face new challenges. Rachel was trained through The Create Power Yoga Teacher Training School with Petra Lehman-Brauer (ERYT-200).

Billy Brauer - Owner

In 2008, a friend of mine introduced me to yoga. Since that day, I have been hooked. I started Create Power Yoga to share my passion for yoga with the community. I truly believe that each of us strives to become the most powerful version of ourselves. Create Power Yoga is my way of helping the community reach that goal.

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Our mission is to provide a safe, peaceful, non-judgmental, and friendly environment. We strive to offer classes to meet everyone’s needs regardless of experience, ability, and frequency of practice.

We hope to help you create more joy, peace, balance, and power in your life.